Tuition Fees

The operating costs of the “Environmental Sciences and Public Health” Program will be covered in particular by the tuition fees of postgraduate students, which amount to: 

a) one thousand five hundred (1,500) euros per academic semester, i.e. six thousand (6,000) euros in total for the entire duration of the study program per postgraduate student coming from countries within the European Union (EU),

b) two and a half thousand (2,500) euros per academic semester, i.e., ten thousand (10,000) euros in total for the entire duration of the study program per postgraduate student coming from third countries outside the European Union (EU).

Entry Requirements

Categories of prospective graduates

The M.Sc. program in “Environmental Sciences and Public Health” accepts graduates from Schools of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Public Health, Agriculture, and Environment of domestic institutions, as well as recognized equivalent institutions abroad. The English-taught M.Sc. program primarily targets international candidates. Additionally, supernumerary members of the EEP(Special teaching stuff), EDIP(Laboratory Teaching stuff), and ETEP(Laboratory Technical Stuff) categories are eligible for admission, as specified in paragraph 8 of article 34 of Law 4485/17.

Selection Criteria

The selection of students is carried out in accordance with Law 4485/2017 and the provisions of the current Regulation.

The required documents are:

  1. Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Copy of bachelor’s degree or certificate of completion of studies. Prospective graduates can also submit an application, provided that they will have obtained the certificate of completion of studies no later than one day before the meeting date of the Department of Chemistry Assembly, which will approve the list of candidates.
  4. Transcript of Records
  5. Publications in peer-reviewed journals, if applicable.
  6. Evidence of professional or research activity, if applicable.
  7. Photocopy of passport and/or identification card.
  8. Two reference letters.
  9. English language certificate (at least B2 level).

Students from foreign institutions must submit a certificate of equivalence and/or provide the required documents for the recognition of their undergraduate degree through the Hellenic NARIC (DOATAP), in accordance with Article 34, paragraph 7 of Law 4485/17 and Article 101, paragraph 5 of Law 4547/18.

Student Welfare Admission

Academic Matters. For help and advice relating to the Program, an academic advisor is appointed to each student upon acceptance.

Accommodation. A list of flats to let, furnished or unfurnished, will be available to all accepted students upon request. Prices currently vary between 250 – 500 Euros pcm, not including utility and maintenance bills.

Visa requirements and procedures. The Program’s admission and administrative offices will provide information and advice throughout the visa – obtaining process.

Public transport. All students will receive discount travel cards, valid for all public transportation within Athens, including the Athens metro (at approx. 42% the regular fare).

Student Club meals. All enrolled students are entitled to up to two meals per day at the Student Restaurant located at the Philosophy School Building of the University Campus, at a discounted price (currently 3 Euros per day for two meals).

University Gym. All enrolled students enjoy free access to the University Gym and Swimming Pool.

Computer Services. All enrolled students are given free access to the Department’s Computer Room.

Access to all University libraries.

Students Assistance Fund provides moral and material support to students in adversity, who risk interrupting their studies.

The Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities is a service that aims to adapt to the specific needs of each disabled student. It makes sure they have access to all university buildings, transportation from their home to classes, free access to specialized software, suitable textbooks, a student volunteer service and psychological support, whenever needed.

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